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DirecTV and Dish in Terminal Orbit? Their Satellites Are About to Age Out

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Forget their declining subscriber bases, DirecTV and Dish Network face an even graver existential threat–their collective fleet of satellites are facing the end of their operational lifespans. 

“Dish launched its last satellite, EchoStar XXIII, more than five years ago,” MoffettNathanson analyst Craig Moffett wrote in a note to investors, published earlier this week. 

“Of their 11 operating satellites, only two are less than a decade old. Each of Dish’s satellites has an estimated useful life of about 15 years. In another five and a half years, only one of their 11 satellites will still be inside its estimated useful lifespan,” Moffett added. 


DirecTVとDish Networkは、加入者数の減少に加えて、さらに深刻な存続の危機に直面している。それは、両社が保有する衛星の寿命が尽きようとしていることだ。

「ディッシュは5年以上前に最後の衛星EchoStar XXIIIを打ち上げた」とMoffettNathanson社のアナリストCraig Moffett氏は今週初めに発表した投資家向けのメモに書いている。