Copyright © 2021 Suzuki, Narumi, Tanikawa and Hirose.

Taste in Motion: The Effect of Projection Mapping of a Boiling Effect on Food Expectation, Food Perception, and Purchasing Behavior

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As described above, the boiling effect has a power to promote appetite and increase expected price. Moreover, as the result of the empirical user study suggested, these outcomes could prompt consumer to buy targeted food products. In Japan, there is a culture to display food samples in showcases at restaurants to attract customers. From this research, projecting dynamic textures could raise the consumers’ expectations for the food; therefore, applying dynamic textures to food samples may attract more visitors. From this concept, in the empirical user study, dynamic textures were projected on a food display at a restaurant. Afterwards, the order rate of the targeted food was examined. The results indicate that the dynamic texture increases the order rate, which can be mediated by the increased appetite.

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