WPP CEO Mark Read Paints a Rosy Picture for Out of Home Post-pandemic

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Mark Read, chief executive officer of WPP, the world’s largest advertising company, has given a fascinating insight into how WPP sees the world of marketing, advertising and media developing in the years ahead.

Speaking at the World Out of Home Organization’s virtual European Forum in an interview with WOO President Tom Goddard, Read predicted a strong recovery for Out of Home in the UK and US, with rises of 31 per cent this year and 41 per cent next year for the UK and 22 per cent and 20 per cent respectively for the US.

He pointed to the importance of digital OOH, which has grown by 15 per cent at a time when OOH overall declined by 30 per cent. 



World Out of Home Organization(WOO)の仮想ヨーロッパフォーラムで、WOO会長のトム・ゴダードとのインタビューに応じたリードは、英国と米国におけるOut of Homeの力強い回復を予測し、英国では今年31%、来年41%、米国ではそれぞれ22%と20%の上昇を見込んでいます。