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Penn Station in New York, the busiest passenger rail station in the Western Hemisphere, recently completed its expansion into the adjacent James A. Farley Post Office Building, now known as Moynihan Train Hall. The new facility celebrated its grand opening on Jan. 1, 2021.
Travelers are greeted in the main hall of the Moynihan Train Hall by 1,700 square feet of direct view LED screens, separated into four distinct panels, that run along one side of the expansive room. 
Digital amenities in the station include digital arrival and departure screens for Amtrak and the Long Island Rail Road positioned in the main waiting hall, as well as digital screens positioned inside interactive kiosks throughout the facility that display train departure and destination information in several languages. The station also includes ADA features like an induction loop for hearing-impaired passengers.


西半球で最も利用者の多い旅客鉄道駅であるニューヨークのペンステーションは、隣接するJames A. Farley Post Office Building(現在はMoynihan Train Hallとして知られています)への拡張工事がこのほど完了しました。新施設は2021年1月1日にグランドオープンしました。