DOOH glossary paves way for industry-wide advertising standards

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The DOOH glossary marks the first time that the DOOH industry has come together to agree on a set of shared terms across multiple areas, including measurement, programmatic and targeting. It follows significant growth within the DOOH industry over the past few years, with the sector now evolved to a point where ads are increasingly bought programmatically. 
While the glossary currently only applies at a UK level, the aim is to drive adoption globally and use this as a base to develop a set of cross-industry standards. 
As Tina Lakhani, IAB UK’s Head of Ad Tech, says: “Agreeing on a core set of technical terms not only makes the industry more accessible to advertisers, it is also key to greater transparency and sustainability for this burgeoning sector.”
Tim Lumb, Director of Outsmart, agrees: “Language and definitions are foundational for media accountability, and as DOOH continues to grow both in stature and capability – offering 60+% weekly reach of the population with fantastic targeting and creative dynamism – it makes perfect sense for IAB UK and Outsmart to collaborate and deliver standardisation for clients.”
Robert Ray, CEO of Route, added: “Route is unique amongst audience currencies because it measures viewed impacts for advertising, rather than OTS or impressions. The new DOOH glossary preserves this important distinction, which is vital for the continued transparency and accountability of the medium.”

IAB UKのアドテック部門の責任者であるティナ・ラカニ氏は次のように述べています。「技術用語のコアセットに合意することで、業界が広告主にとってより利用しやすくなるだけでなく、この急成長しているセクターの透明性と持続可能性を高める鍵となります」。