Peerless-AV’s THR-600 Occupancy Control Kiosk is outfitted with a display, Navori Labs QL 2.2 Digital Signage Software, a media player, and a web camera. (Image credit: Peerless-AV)

Touchless Systems: Manufacturers Discuss AV’s Latest Trend

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This year, the AV/IT industry has witnessed agility and innovation like never before. Existing technologies are being leveraged and manufacturers have developed new products and solutions to help facilitate a healthy return to corporate and college campuses, hospitality, and more.


Over the coming months, as the workforce returns to the office and more students return to the classroom, AV/IT managers are deploying no-touch, or touchless technologies to automate everything from opening a door to launching everything needed for a meeting. We reached out to manufacturers to learn about the solutions they’re working on for this new, touch-free world.